Computer Network Installation Services

Computer Network Installation Services

Does your network currently look like spaghetti junction? Do you need a network installation expert? We deal in network cabling installations in Delhi NCR. We are proficient in providing commercial network installation facilities to save your time and money.

Our network installation technicians are highly qualified in SMME and corporate network installations. We offer you a competitive advantage with a proactive, motivated team. Our reliability and support are second to none. We respond quickly to requests, whether it is for large cabling contracts or a single lead or. We are offer fast upgrading times and quality service to all, who are demanding IT requirements. We use Solid Copper Cat5e and Cat6 Network Cabling for all our network jobs along with high-grade heavy duty multi-mode or single-mode fiber cable.

We also do network installations of critical network components in order to lessen the impact of the network installation on your productivity. We overhaul issues by using network testing tools to get fast isolate bottlenecks and defective cabling in your current setup. Look no further than Focal Spare for your next Networking Installation. We provide Computer Network Installation services in Delhi, Delhi- NCR and Gurgaon region.

The Difference between CAT5e and CAT6e Cabling

Now there is a great confusion for Ethernet cable buyers that what to purchase? Cat5e or Cat6. This confusion comes due to misunderstanding. Most of the buyers that are buying Cat6 cable think it will give them an "all gigabit" network. It is not true in reality. If every single element in the network is not gigabit rated, then it is not possible, because network will run at the speed of slow-moving device. Cat5e cable of high quality can run at gigabit speeds, it just cannot be "approved” for this use. By evaluating both cables, Cat6 is intended specifically for gigabit use, and is proficient to operate at believed speed.

Difference between CAT5e and CAT6e Cabling

The choice between the two is a matter of cost and future-proofing. CAT6 can be up to 3 times as expensive as the CAT5e cabling but for future proof network cabling setup we would like to suggest the CAT6 route. For Small office and home installations CAT5e will suit but for large networks we would recommend CAT6.

Concentrated Length for a CAT5e Cable

The maximum extent for a CAT5e cable is 100 meters. Any cables lengthier than this will begin to strive from packet loss during broadcasting of data over the cable. In order to get around this, we fix network switches to link 2 cables where the space requires being over 100 meters. Fiber Optic cabling is not restricted with this limitation.

Time to Upgrade Network Infrastructure

If you are suffering erratic disconnections from the Internet or your server, you may need to consider upgrading your wired or wireless network structure. Upgrading your networking or installing higher capacity wireless access points can comfort you from these interruptions to keep your productivity and staff connected.

Loss of data on computer system and faults could very easily be there as a result of signal weakening on current network. Old cables, interference and natural causes like rodents could cause speed drop. Network cable testing identifies exactly, where the tricky areas are on computer system. If you are confident that set-up might is not working properly, contact us. We can give you a no obligation assessment on conveying your computer system back to full speed again.

Have you Consider Fiber Optic for your Company Network?

Are you grappling hard to select between fiber optic and copper cabling for your computer networking application? Fiber optics has absolutely transformed communications over the previous years. Here are some reasons to cogitate it:

Because fiber optic cables are not copper-based, there is no interloping between them and electrical cables, therefore in factory installations they can be placed in the same conduit as the electrical cables

Speed: Fiber optic cables transmit data at a much quicker rate than outdated cabling

Length: Fiber optic cables can go much further than copper-based electric wiring

Outdoor applications: Fiber optic is very sturdy to deterioration and the components, which marks it perfect for expending in an outdoor location, possibly to connect two nearby workplaces.

Computer network set up have the following benefits:

Improved productivity: when your office is connected via a computer network your people are too. Everyone can access information at a much faster rate

Reduced costs: computer networks reduce the costs of having email and couriers documents to other employees

Greater data security

Centralized backups: All PCs on a computer network can back up to a centralized location, such as a server

How to select the best?

Most of the clients ask us whether they should go for a wired or a wireless set-up. As we do both networking setups, we recommend our clients as per their specific requirements. There are lots of factors that decide whether to select wired networking or wireless setups:

Size of Network:

For a set-up over the size of 10 connections we acclaim a wired network. The purpose for is, on a wireless network, all connected devices share the bandwidth, e.g. a 150mbps wireless network with 10 users on it will permit a all-out of 15mbps per user only.

Precarious Business Applications:

For any devices running a serious business application such as Pastel we would suggest connecting them to a wired network setup.

Data-Hungry Applications:

Any applications that handover a large extent of data amid a server and the submission, should be linked with wired net setup.

The perfect setup for a company is an arrangement of both wired and wireless. Wired points are good for desktop users in the office. Wireless network is quite efficient to connect laptops and mobile devices like iPads and Smartphones.

Why to go for Specialized Network Installer?

Many companies try to save money by hiring inexperienced network installers to connect their company’s computer network setup. We often receive calls from these concerns several months after the network setting up to mend or rebuild the computer linkage. We organize it differently to provide you a specialized network connection.

Wired and Wireless Network Installers

We only use skilled, certified expert network installers for fixing network wiring for our clients. Our network installers are proficient in wired and wireless setting up. We can setup your entire network in less time.

High Quality Set-up Supplies

We source the best quality electric wiring and components from suppliers at good prices to our clients. We have settlements in place with the best providers.


We have practice in large and small network connections, cabinet fittings, Wi-Fi links, fiber fittings and a host of other workstation setting up services

IT Setup Services

We are having a different setting up network and installing IT allied equipment’s like routers, servers, desktops, etc. We are one-stop IT service provider that allows you to save time and money.

Computer network speed for office

As computer system installers, we guide our clients based on their specific network requirements. 1000Mbps is presently the average speed for new computer net installations. If you find that your net is working slow then our computer system experts can evaluate the slow traffic streaming of your system network and recommend you a solution as per your specific requirements. We look at the following areas in particular:

Switches: are the computer system buttons the accurate type based on the request or else the client need a managed or unmanaged mechanism? Are the existing modifications assessed to the precise speed and are they from a reliable company?

Cabling: Is the existing wiring old and on the blink or rated for too low a speed?

Wall boxes: Are the wall boxes or jacks covered properly and in good form?

Normally we would suggest that if you print a lot of high-capacity documents like images , videos or 3D models, then you should go for the utmost affordable speed computer net accessible to you. Unlike this, if you just use your network to surf the Internet and write email, even a 100mbps of computer network will fine for you.

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