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Focal Spares is proud to provide trustworthy & affordable services. Leave tension of home and your loved one security .Just sit back and let the experts handle it. We’d love the chance to work with you and show why our outstanding service sets us apart from the rest of the arena.

S.No. Type Important Feature Applications Image
1 Fixed CCTV Camera For Specific Purpose, Does not move ATM machine, home. Corporates Fixed CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
2 Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Can be adjusted,change direction,zoom,can be locked,follow a moving object and can be remotely controlled Shopping malls, parking lot, market, airports, casinos, railway stations, bus stands, highways, video conferencing, live production, lecture capture and distance learning. Pan Tilt Zoom Camera - Focal Spare
3 Wireless CCTV Camera Get connected through internet,security can be customized from smartphone or computer Homes, Corporates, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Banks Wireless CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
4 Night Vision CCTV Camera To illuminate poorly lit areas and can record footage at night Doors, parking area, offices, banks, ATM machines, residences, hotels Night Vision CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
5 Exterior or Outdoor CCTV Camera Weather proof,night vision Parking lots, parking garages, parks, public spaces, building entrances and exits, highways, subways Exterior or Outdoor CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
6 Motion Detection CCTV Camera Start taking pictures or recording when sense motion ATM machines, rooms, offices, Hotels, Residences Motion Detection CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
7 Pinhole CCTV Camera Can be sealed in secret places Spy camera, use as Fake smoke detectors, motion detectors, clocks, sprinklers, EXIT signs Pinhole CCTV Camera - Focal Spare
8 Dome CCTV Cameras Indoor application Shopping malls, parking lot, market, airports, casinos, railway stations, bus stands Dome CCTV Cameras - Focal Spare

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